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Mihoko’s workshops launch 2019

4 Workshops with Mihoko to start 2019 in style!

1)  Visit by Mihoko Wakabayashi







It was a tremendous treat for me to host Mihoko from SAORI Worcester, Massachusetts, at SAORImôr. I met her at the beginning of my SAORI journey when I went on one of her SAORI/Japanese culture tours.  She has become my SAORI sensei (teacher) and close friend. We had very little time to organise events but I hope she will be able to visit again sometime. Keep an eye on my facebook page for regular updates of all my activities.  Continue reading Mihoko’s workshops launch 2019

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5 good habits anyone interested in SAORI weaving should develop

These good habits will explain why SAORI weaving is different.

Good Habit No.1 – Learn to let Go


Launching into something new and creating new habits can be quite difficult, especially in the craft world where we aim to use our hands to make something practical and useful with no end product in mind. We are used to selecting materials for a purpose, having a design in mind or planned beforehand, then working to complete that project. SAORI encourages us to work instinctively and use our intuition to work freely and creatively. Simply choose a colour and texture, sit down at the loom and start weaving. No decisions, no planning, no expectations.  Continue reading 5 good habits anyone interested in SAORI weaving should develop

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