Piccolo Black Warps


By using a ready-made warp, a weaver can skip the warping process, thus making threading easier and less time-consuming. The black warp lets a weaver choose any colour for weft yarns. The longest ready-made warp has a length of 30 meters (33yds), so once you finish threading, you can enjoy weaving on the same warp even for as long as a month!

Material: Cotton or Wool

Number of Threads: 9 Different Widths up to 450 threads
50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400 and 450 threads

  • 4 different widths up to 200 threads are available with a Piccolo40 loom.
  • 6 different widths up to 300 threads are available with a CH60/SX60/SX60H/WX60 loom.
  • 9 different widths up to 450 threads are available with a WX90 loom.  The warps with 350, 400 and 450 threads are supplied with two rolls of warp to be set side by side on a loom.

Warp Length: 4 Different Lengths up to 30 meters/33yds
6m / 6.5yds, 12m / 13yds, 20m / 22yds, 30m / 33yds

Choose your favorite material, number of threads and warp length when you order.

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Cotton, Wool


50 Threads, 100 Threads, 150 Threads, 200 Threads


6m, 12m, 20m, 30m


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