SAORI Global

SAORI® Global

Freestyle Weaving for Everyone

SAORI is a contemporary Japanese hand weaving program founded by Misao Jo in the 1980s, intended for everyone to express themselves, regardless of age, gender, ability or intellectual aptitude.

Introduced in over 40 countries across five continents, SAORI is practiced in schools and workshops by adults and children alike for self-expression, creativity, rehabilitation, learning abilities and community.

Visit to learn more about Misao Jo, founder of SAORI.

SAORI® is the registered trademark of the SAORI organization in Japan, Saori-no-mori/Sakaiseikisangyo Co. Ltd.

Registered SAORI® Weaving Studios

The SAORI Global Network is made up of registered SAORI Weaving Studios where

  1. SAORI weaving classes are offered using SAORI looms, the ideal loom for SAORI weaving
  2. the instructor is trained in teaching SAORI weaving
  3. the studio shares the mission of Japan’s SAORI Weaving Studio and SAORI loom manufacturing company (Saori-no-mori/Sakaiseikisangyo Co. Ltd.), and promotes the SAORI philosophy for everyone to express themselves freely through weaving.

View the directory of Registered SAORI Weaving Studios.

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