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Fibre from Chile

I bought a bag of fibre in assorted colours  from the Añañuca stand at Woolfest in June. I had a long chat with Liz (who I bumped into in the showers of the campsite we were staying in!) and I sincerely respect their philosophy and ethos in “all of our products are handmade, and traded fairly, showing due respect for the skills of the artisan and their need to make a dignified livelihood.”

I love the softness of these colours and, after re-carding to make drawing out easier, I spun the fibres in a random order partly on my tibetan support spindle (my favourite at the moment, ) and partly on the wheel. The spindle spinning was a lot finer than the wheel spinning and I ended up plying some of it straight 2 ply and some navaho ply. I am aiming to weave with it soon.




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