SAORI Garment Workshop – 3 Day Intensive

Yarn to garment

From start to finish make your own warp, weave your own cloth, and make it into a fabulous and unique garment to be super proud of.

This is your chance to enjoy immersing yourself in SAORI creativity and to complete a simple garment. Relaxed and simple, you will be guided through every step. See how satisfying it is to create your own wardrobe.

Day 1 Introduction and discussion of SAORI approach to weaving. Make a warp and thread the loom.

Day 2 Weave your cloth. Wash and leave to dry overnight.

Day 3 Discussion on SAORI approach to sewing garments. Chose the style and sew your garment.

Supplied – Materials for weaving


  • Sewing machine. (We will just be using straight stitch)
  • Thread
  • Cutting scissors
  • Small fine scissors
  • Pins or clips
  • Tape measure
  • Notebook and pen

Cost £250


  • Tuesday 19th – Thursday 21st March 2024 here

Tuesday 14th – Thursday 16th May 2024 here

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