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5 Good Reasons to Start a New Hobby in Spring

colours for spring

Spring is joy and light and new beginnings.

1. It’s Time for a Spring Clean

Daffodil yellow
Fresh yellows and greens of the daffodil

I like to use this time to adopt the attitude of “out with the old and in with the new”. I don’t just mean a spring clean but it also the chance to change unhelpful beliefs, attitudes or thoughts that are stopping me from moving forward. Now is the perfect time to let go of limiting beliefs, get started with a new craft and learn new skills. So, why not take this chance and book a SAORI freestyle weaving class. Find out more here.

2. There is a Whole New Colour Palette to Explore

cherry blossom pinks
Cherry blossom pinks

As you welcome spring you welcome a beautiful new colour palette. Everything begins to bloom and the colours of nature are inspiring. They surround us with pretty pastels from the cherry blossom, vibrant yellows of the daffodils and fresh greens from the returning leaves. Springtime naturally inspires us all and challenges us to get creative with new crafts and projects. So start now and revel in the colours and textures of spring. You will view your ideas through new eyes and find intuitive ways to use and explore materials. Follow me on instagram here to find some ideas of colour and texture.

3. It is a Time for Celebration

Red tulips
Striking reds of tulips

There are many occasions for celebration in spring and the whole season really is a celebration of new life. Holidays such as Easter, Mothers Day and Fathers Day allow for plenty of opportunities for giving. Gift giving can start to become a bit of a common theme in spring. Therefore, staring a new craft or hobby with the intention of creating something for someone else is a lovely idea. Creating something personal and handmade is such a rewarding experience and really makes gift giving so much more meaningful. Just 2 hours will be enough for you to make something special.

4. It’s the Ideal Time to Meet New People

Making friends

The weather is brighter in spring so we enjoy more social events such as Easter parties, picnics and day trips out. It is therefore an ideal time to get out there and meet new people and invite them to your celebrations. Starting a new hobby is a great way to meet new people and make meaningful connections so why not take part in a class and meet people who share your interests and passions. Learn and grow these passions together and create the perfect environment for building great friendships.

5. Lighter Days Lift your Spirits

Hyacinth Blue
Beautiful blue hyacinths

The long dark days of winter are replaced with growing warmth and light. Your spirits lift and everything seems a bit brighter so this light and bright energy allows you to approach your new hobby with positivity and joy. You can much more easily become immersed in learning and work well into the evenings. Spring really can help maintain and develop your natural flow, which is so important when mastering a new skill.

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purple crocus
Rich purple crocus
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