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5 good habits anyone interested in SAORI weaving should develop

These good habits will explain why SAORI weaving is different.

Good Habit No.1 – Learn to let Go


Launching into something new and creating new habits can be quite difficult, especially in the craft world where we aim to use our hands to make something practical and useful with no end product in mind. We are used to selecting materials for a purpose, having a design in mind or planned beforehand, then working to complete that project. SAORI encourages us to work instinctively and use our intuition to work freely and creatively. Simply choose a colour and texture, sit down at the loom and start weaving. No decisions, no planning, no expectations. 

Good Habit No.2 – Forget Rules

no rules

To begin SAORI you will be working on a SAORI loom that is already warped up and ready for you to weave. You miss out on the stage where there are some ‘rules’ and the weaving itself has no ‘rules’. I will show you a few simple techniques to give an idea of how the loom works. You are then free to create your own one-of-a-kind textile by changing yarns, colours, fibres and other materials . You do not need to learn weaving techniques and patterns. Check out my classes here.

Good Habit No.3 – Embrace ‘Mistakes’

no mistakes

‘Mistakes’ are easy to make when learning something new. We do not call them mistakes in SAORI, they are ‘design features’ and are therefore just part of your SAORI journey.

If we set out on a journey to travel from A to B where we know the destination we are likely to arrive without really registering the journey at all. If we set out from A, take a wrong turning, retrace our steps and continue as before to B we have gained nothing but have experienced frustration and some stress. If we set out from A, take a wrong turning but continue along this unknown way to arrive at B we have experienced something new and may have discovered interesting places we did not know about before. We enrich our own lives and we have something to share with others.

Practicing this good habit of keeping calm and carrying on is the best way to develop your own unique style.

Good Habit No.4 – Learn Not to Judge Yourself


From a very early age parents and teachers encourage us to be better: better at speaking, better at learning, better at sport, better at art….better at everything really. Nobody expects us to be satisfied with how we are but to strive, always, to be better. So when we feel we are not very good at something we become self critical, “I’m not very good at this”, “I am a slow learner”, “I’ve never done it before so don’t expect me to do very well”. Learn this good habit and don’t be too judgmental. Appreciate the moments for what they are, accept each new step, celebrate the unexpected and enjoy the journey.

Good Habit No.5 – Just Try It


Which yarn should I use? Just try it.

Can I use thick and thin together? Just try it.

Is it ok to mix cotton and wool? Just try it.

What happens if I leave a gap? Just try it.

By ‘just trying it’ you will discover so much more. You will gain confidence by having done it yourself and you will be inspired by the sense of achievement and the sheer pleasure of creativity without boundaries.

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