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Wonderwool Wales 2016

This was our SAORI stand at Wonderwool Wales, once again shared with Wayward Weaves from Stroud. As usual we had a ‘studio’ area one side where people could try out the looms and see samples of SAORI woven cloth, and a shop area the other side. However, the investment in a display system and having a bigger range of SAORI equipment and materials, including ready-made warps and inside sets, made the whole stand much look more professional this year and we had a very successful show.

This lady cannot use her legs so we set up the hand switcher to enable her to have a go. She was very happy.


I think the highlight of the show for me was when Gill came to try out the wheelchair accessible loom. She was thoroughly enjoying playing when a young weaver came by, interested to see a loom so different from those she had used in school. Totally unprompted by me Gill asked her if she would like to have a go. This was so spontaneous and generous and truly demonstrated the SAORI principles of ‘looking through eyes that shine’ and ‘share with everyone in the group’.

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