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SAORI looms and accessories

Elegant, durable and exceptionally easy to use.

All SAORI looms and accessories have been designed with one primary goal: to be as easy and comfortable to use as possible and best suited for exploring one’s creativity. Through their design, they make an unparalleled flow of weaving possible for individuals of all ages, previous experiences, and physical and intellectual capabilities.

Accessible and versatile

A wide variety of accessories make SAORI looms truly accessible to people with different needs and creative interests. SAORI is possible for everyone, regardless of whether one uses a wheelchair, has difficulty using both hands, or perhaps wants to skip the warping process entirely finding creative fulfilment in the weaving itself.

Ordering information

If you need advice or more information before ordering please contact me.

It is not always possible to carry stock of every item so please let me know if you need something that is out of stock so that I can either order it for you or let you know when my next order is due in.

Please see my T & C with shipping and returns policy.

I am sorry to say that I will no longer be shipping to the EU.

Please contact SAORI Global at to order direct from Japan.

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