Spring System 4-Harness Attachment


SAORI’s original Spring System 4-Harness Attachment ensures very smooth treadling and control of the weaving sheds. With the spring system separately controlling the movement of each harness, this 4-harness conversion kit is specifically suited for unbalanced weaves, such as double cloth or double weave and 1/3 or 3/1 twill weaving. The attachment includes 6 pedals and 4 lamms, with which you can enjoy very flexible tie-ups. The pegs and hooks attached to the pedal cords make the process of changing tie-ups simple and easy. The SAORI Spring System is a sinking shaft loom which makes pedalling light and easy.

I do not carry these  in stock. Select the appropriate product variant, which is compatible with the model and height of the SAORI loom you will be converting. Contact me with your order or for advice.

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Recommendation from Japan
We ultimately believe that the original 2-harness SAORI looms are best suited for the practice of SAORI because they actively encourage an experience unlike that encouraged by any other looms, including our own SAORI 4- harness models. We offer the Spring System 4-Harness Attachment as one of the supplementary tools to add ways for you to express yourself and explore color, texture and  innovative clothes-making.
When you would like to explore your own creativity through plain weaving, we strongly recommend you convert the loom back to the original 2-harness loom, which was carefully designed to make an unparalleled flow of weaving possible and enjoyable for anyone
regardless of age, previous experience, and physical and intellectual capability.
Instructions on how to achieve this conversion are available in the guide that comes with the attachment.

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CH60, SX60 and WX60 with standard height, SX60H, CH60 and WX60 with Height Extender 5cm / 2", WX60 with Height Extender 10cm / 4", CH60A-2