Inside Set for 60 Series Looms


The inside set is unique to SAORI looms. It allows you to work on more than one project at a time by simply removing your work in progress and  replacing it with another. No need for a second loom! It is also great for sharing as it is so simple and quick to swap the inside sets.

You can also customise your inside set according to your needs and whether you are making your own warps or using the ready made warps. See below details.



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This set is for ready made warps and comprises 2 harnesses, 5 dents/cm reed and clipping rod.

If you would like to choose a different reed dent for this set, or want to customise your own inside set according to your needs, please choose each item from the regular accessories menu.

If you are making your own warps you will also need a paper pipe, and maybe a tying rod and cords.

Just select what you think you need. If you already have some accessories there is no need to order more. Contact me for advice if necessary.


Additional information


2 harnesses, 2 Dents/cm, 3 Dents/cm, 4 Dents/cm, 5 dents/cm, 7 dents/cm, 8.5 Dents/cm, 10 dents/cm, Clipping Rod, Clipping Rod Long, Paper pipe, Tying rod, cords