Flax – Seed to Fibre

19th – 21st June 2024

Venue: Trigonos

Flax – Seed to Fibre

Wednesday 19th – Friday 21 June

A practical introduction to growing, harvesting and processing of flax.

We are increasingly concerned about the devastating effects on our planet of the textile industry and fast fashion in particular. We often feel powerless to know what to do. By educating ourselves about the fibres we use and the processes needed to make them into fabric we can start to make informed choices and initiate change.

Flax grows well in the UK and there is a growing interest in learning more about how we can use this fibre to make our own cloth to suit our regenerative, slow textile movement.

This workshop will be of interest to anyone interested in permaculture, agro-ecology, community sharing, soil-to-soil, low waste etc. as well as the ‘Fibreshed’ Movement and regenerative textiles. 

This is a way to become re-engaged with our soils, our fibre plants and animals, the dye plants, and our processes to re-connect with our textiles and clothing. What could be better than making your wardrobe from fibres you have nurtured and coaxed into yarns then knitted or woven into cloth to make garments to treasure for a long, long time. 

Slow textiles is honest, rewarding and, with time and respect, is very achievable.

What to expect

Day OneArrival at 4pm and an introduction and talk after dinner

Day Two will cover all aspects of growing and processing flax: 

  • Growing – planting, harvesting 
  • Processing – rippling, breaking, scutching, hackling, storing

Day Three will cover preparing the fibre for spinning and using a drop spindle to spin the fibre into a linen thread.

Finishing at 2pm.

Details and booking – Trigonos events

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